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Products : PROMJet : Hardware Specs.

PROMJet Hardware Specification

The table below specifies PROMJet technical specification and features. Please note that some of the features are optional items that needs to be ordered in addition to PROMJet device.

PROMJet Hardware Specification
Feature Specification

Memory capacity

4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256 Mbit.

Target access time

85ns (45nsnd 25ns optional) access time. Serial Flash up to 50MHz.

Host transfer speed

Up to 4 MBit/Sec depending on used interface.

Target access functions

Read and write PROMJet emulation memory by using the write signal, LPC/SPI write command or WBR function.

Host access functions

Read and write emulation memory (on-the-fly using ICE option).

Host interface

USB, Parallel port or optional TCP/IP Ethernet interface.

Target interface

50 pin HD connector. Other Flash footprints are supported.


Jumper-less via software to set emulation memory size and interface mode (Parallel/LPC/SPI).

Daisy chaining

Support for wide buses or multi-bank targets. Each PROMJet is individually accessible from the software.

Write support

Write input signal form the target processor to modify Flash memory contents. Also supports LPC/SPI Write commands.

Multi-chip support

Second CS input signal to support a second memory device.

Reset output

RES and /RES signals to reset the target system via software command.

Interrupt output

INT and /INT signals to support interrupt-driven software monitors for software debuggers.

Supported voltages

1.5 to 5.0 volt support are available by adding Variable-Voltage option.

Supply voltage

5V at 300mA from USB port or external power supply.

Target power sensing

Adjustable target power sense circuitry for safe, reliable emulation.


PROMJet is upgradeable after purchase to support larger memory size or bus interface.

Trace Support

Available via an optional trace module.

Address trigger

PROMJet offers one Instruction or Data trigger point. User can trigger on reads, writes or both.

Data security

PROMJet generates and checks CRC. Shielded cable used for reliable operation.

Physical dimensions

1.7 x 0.7 x 2.3" (43 x 18 x 58 mm). Extension cables are optionally available.