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EmuTec Products

EmuTec offers industry-leading solutions for debugging and testing of of embedded systems. Our Jet family of JTAG and Flash emulators with trace and event-management capabilities offers high end features at a very competitive price.

DebugJet is an advanced multi-protocol development, testing and programming tool for embedded systems. It connects to a system under development using a JTAG port while using a USB or an Ethernet connection to communicate with the host system. DebugJet has fast download speeds of over 1MByte/S depending on the target system. An advanced event system, with trace capabilities when adding TraceJet module, is supported using our Eclipse based Xpresso debugger interface. It is also fully integrated with the GDB debugger and the industry-leading eclipse interface.

PROMJet is the worlds best selling Flash emulator. It replaces the FLASH memory of a system under development allowing the user to directly load, modify and view target emulation memory. It supports parallel (8/16/32 bit) as well as serial SPI (1Bit), LPC/FWH (4Bit) FLASH memory protocol and footprints. The In-Circuit Emulation option allows the emulation memory to be accessed while the target processor is running to provide dual-ported functionality. This is used to implement a host-target communication channel. PLCC, TSOP, PSOP and BGA Flash footprints are supported. Host software support is available for Windows and Linux using USB or Ethernet connections.