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Products : DebugJet : FPGA and CPLD JTAG Programming Software

FPGA and CPLD Programming

With the increasing popularity of JTAG enabled CPLD and FPGA devices, DebugJet has a built-in software algorithm to support the leading CPLD/FPGA manufacturers worldwide such as Actel, Altera, Lattice Semiconductors and Xilinx. DebugJet JTAG Emulator can execute most common functions such as program, erase, verify and test CPLD/FPGA devices. The device can also execute several programming functions on multiple devices from different manufacturer connected in series to a single JTAG port using a single macro command file.

There are two ways to program a CPLD/FPGA device using DebugJet JTAG interface. The first is by using a macro command file with DebugJet target server application to specify the jedec file and the functions to be executed on the programmable logic device. This method is simple since the user has to write the command file once and then execute it via the target server application. DebugJet also comes with an application called DebugJet JTAG Tester. This applications is capable of programming CPLD/FPGA devices but the user has to enter the commands manually. This is helpful when testing a new JEDEC file or during a development process. A snapshot of the DebugJet JTAG Tester application is shown below:

DebugJet Target Server
Eclipse based IDE Debugger

Since DebugJet can handle multiple JTAG devices connected in series in a single JTAG chain, there is no need to have a special JTAG port to support only the CPLD/FPGA devices. One single port can be used to program multiple CPLD/FPGA devices as well as debug the target CPU or program the on-board Flash memory. This can be simply done by identifying the chip position in the JTAG chain and providing this information to the host application.

  • Supports leading CPLD and FPGA manufacturer such as Actel, Altera, Lattice Semiconductors and Xilinx.

  • Supports all JEDEC file formats from major manufacturers

  • Host applications can program multiple CPLD and FPGA devices from different manufacturers connected to a single JTAG port using a single macro script file.

  • Supports Program, erase, verify and victor testing functions.

  • Programming of CPLD/FPGA devices can be done within a debug session which comes handy for nonvolatile FPGA devices.

  • Programming functions can be executed via a graphical user interface during development cycles or a script file for manufacturing applications.

DebugJet CPLD/FPGA JTAG programming software is available for free download from the support section.