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Products : DebugJet : Target Server Software and Scripts

Windows Software Support

DebugJet comes complete with all the software needed to execute Debug, Program and JTAG Test functions. The software is available for the Windows Xp/Vista/X64 platforms as well as the Linux operating system. The main software application, Xpresso, is a target server application that allows the user to execute all DebugJet functions such as communication with Debuggers during a debug session as well as executing macro/script command files. The latest DebugJet Linux software is available for download under the support section.

DebugJet Target Server
DebugJet Windows Software

The main dialog box of the application is used to setup the parameters for processor cores under test or debug. Up to 4 cores are supported by a single application. The cores can be connected to one or more DebugJet units. Such parameters include processor core type, JTAG bus frequency and location of the chip in a JTAG chain. Also processor specific parameters are available to allow DebugJet to use the Hardware signals in a JTAG connector or to allow a debug session to run in software monitor mode.

The Windows version of the application can be run in a dialog mode as seen above or in a Batch/command line mode under a DOS/Cygwin session as well. The command-line mode is helpful for manufacturing applications such as programming Flash or CPLD chips or testing target boards.

DebugJet Setup
DebugJet Setup

The Xpresso software is also used to setup DebugJet Ethernet parameters, upgrade DebugJet firmware and features as seen in the dialog window above. These functions are also available from the command line mode in both the windows and Linux applications.

Linux Support

Command line Linux utility to execute all DebugJet test, program and debug functions. The latest DebugJet Linux software is available for download under the support section.

Script and Macro Language Support

DebugJet provides a very powerful script/macro language to help users achieve common debug and test functions. Using a single script file, the user can program all programmable devices connected to a JTAG chain on a target board. The macro commands are also used to set the target board hardware before or during a debug process. Such an example is to set the SDRAM parameters before downloading code to the target board under debug or to set the processor clock source and speed or any other onboard peripheral chips.

DebugJet macro language is very easy to use. For example to program a Flash or a CPLD chip, a script file with 2 lines of code is used. The first line defines the chip type. The second line specifies the file to be programmed into the device. If the target board requires additional hardware setup, this can be added to the macro file before the programming command. Please consult DebugJet user manual for more info regarding the macro language.

Custom development Support

Software libraries allow any custom software to directly access DebugJet JTAG Debug, Test and programming functions from a single library or DLL under Linux and Windows. Please contact EmuTec for more information regarding this library.