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Why Choose PROMJet

PROMJet is the worlds most advanced, best selling Flash Memory emulator. Since its introduction in 1993, PROMJet was always ahead of the competition. At the time of its introduction, most of the emulators in the market had the old style look (a box with cables to connect to the target system). The first PROMJet had a PCBsize of 1.6' x 1.9" and the same footprint as a DIP Flash memory. It used dual-sided surface-mounted FPGA chips to replace 100's of TTL parts used in other emulators. It also had then the fastest transfer speed of 1.2 Mbit/Sec among all other emulators. It did not have all the features of the current PROMJet or the capacity of it, but it was still the most advanced product in the market at the time.

More then one company have tried to develop a similar emulator. Professional look was not the only thing missing their emulator. They all lacked a lot of features that PROMJet offered such as debugger integration, emulated memory size/speed, dual-ported memory access, stability and reliability. Also quite a number of companies have tried to develop a dual-ported memory solution similar to PROMJet but FAILD and ended up with either a lesser featured emulator or quitting the Flash emulator market leaving their customers stranded with no support.

Below are some features that EmuTec has put together to show the difference between PROMJet and other emulators in the market. We encourage any prospective buyer to check for these features with all vendors you are considering before making a decision. It will save you a lot of time when developing your code!!!.

  • Debugger Support: PROMJet is fully integrated in DebugJet JTAG debug interface to support our Eclipse based Xpresso debugger. It is also fully integrated with the Paradigm Systems Debugger for fast and reliable 80x86 processor debug.

  • SPI Support: Full SPI Flash support up to 50MHz. Also PROMJet supports SPI Flash commands such as Read, Fast_Read, Program, Chip ID, JEDIC ID and Read Status Register. Other commands, such as Erase, are emulated. Support is added with no external adapter cards.

  • LPC Support: Full LPC Flash support up to 33MHz. Support for Read, Program and Chip ID commands. Support is added with no external adapter cards.

  • Download speed: PROMJet has a very fast data transfer speed of 2Mb/S to 4Mb/S depending on the interface used.

  • Host connection options: PROMJet supports USB, Parallel Port and Ethernet connection.

  • Target Access time: PROMJet has the fastest access time in the industry (20ns). It plugs directly into target socket for less capacitive load to the CPU bus and minimal intrusion effects. Most of the emulators use flat ribbon cables, that have high capacitive load, to connect to the target CPU!!!.

  • Byte/Word access: PROMJet can support 16 and 8-bit devices from a single unit at full capacity (e.g. 2Mx8b or 1Mx16b). The unit is software switch-able and works in both modes at full access speed.

  • On-the-Fly accesses: With the ICE option, Host software can access PROMJet memory on-the-fly without the need for arbitration circuits as with other emulators. Some companies have tried and failed to deliver such a feature so be aware of all the claims other companies make.

  • Trace: PROMJet has adapters that connect it to an HP or Tektronix logic analyzer to record trace information.

  • Trigger: PROMJet has a built-in hardware watch-point for instruction or Data access.

  • Variable Voltage: Low voltage support is done inside PROMJet with no external adapters needed.

  • Technology: PROMJet uses newer technology based on FPGA with extremely low leakage current. It also has built-in noise reduction circuits that reduce the target board noise.

  • Software: PROMJet has NATIVE Windows and Linux software. It also has drivers to support major software debuggers in the market.