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Company : About EmuTec

The Company

EmuTec, based in Everett (WA), is a leading provider of development tools for embedded systems and internet-enabled devices. We offer a full range of JTAG and memory emulators with trace and event-management capabilities. EmuTec has been providing industry-leading solutions for real-time software developers since 1992.

EmuTec was founded with the vision to develop reliable and advanced tools for the embedded market. EmuTec founders have over 45 years of combined experience in Embedded system development.

Embedded systems are the electronics and computers found in numerous consumer, medical and military end products such as Smart Phones, MP4 players, home appliances, blood pressure monitors and fighter jets. Over 90% of all CPU chips sold today are used in embedded systems.

Mission Statement

To provide industry-leading development tools at an affordable price.